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Seamless Elegance Meets Unmatched Safety

Experience the perfect blend of safety and sophistication with Hormann’s Glazed Fire Rated Sliding Doors, designed to meet the highest standards of certification. Elevate your space with intelligent solutions and futuristic designs, all backed by rigorous safety testing.

Glazed Fire rated Sliding Door

Glazed fire rated sliding doors strike a perfect balance between safety features, aesthetic appeal, and superior performance. They address the challenges faced by architects and designers while modeling buildings. With the highest standards in product certification and safety, Hormann specialises in delivering intelligent solutions and futuristic ideas through doors. What’s more, the solutions can be integrated with the glazed doors for common and secured areas of access. Glazed fire rated sliding doors are tested for safety, integrity and insulation as the need be. First in class as a complete assembly with test certification and available in multiple finishes

Commercial Buildings, IT Parks, Data Centers, Hospitals, Hotels

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