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Transform Your
Commercial Space Doors

Enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your commercial space with our premium quality doors. Our wide range of commercial doors are designed to meet your unique requirements and provide superior security and durability.


Hormann’s Commercial Doors are made highly-reliable, flexible and inventive. Designed to match the fast-growing business needs, we deliver doors that amplify security, strength and solidity.
Hormann Commercial doors not only comply to Indian standard but also satisfy the requirement of all International standards for product, testing and certification. We present a diversity of options ranging from Multipurpose Door, Fire Door, Acoustic Door, Lead line Door, Glazed Fire Door and Partition and Clean room door. These doors are purpose-built for projects like pharmaceutical, high rise building, hospitality and more.


Steel is famously strong, but there are additional advantages to bear in mind when you ask yourself, “Why steel?”
Steel provides the best long-term value in the door and frame industry. It lasts longer, requires the fewest repairs, and is sturdier than other products. Steel’s natural strength also outperforms other materials in security, fire rating, sound reduction, sanitation, and more.

Inbuilt Sealing

Integral Astragal

Miter Joint

Product Selection


It is recommended to use the well-defined specification based on the following criteria to select a right door for the right application. All Hollow Metal Doors are classified based on usage and application. It is important to select the right material specification so that doors are long lasting and durable. Broadly classified into four levels:

Level 1 - Standard Duty

Used for low frequency openings such as apartments, dormitory, hotel and motel units, Care is taken by the user and mostly it is not subject to any kind of abuse.
Frame: 1.2 mm, Gauge: 18
Shutter: 0.8 mm, Gauge: 22.

Level 2 - Medium Duty

Used for medium frequency opening such as main Entrance to apartment, dormitory buildings Stairwells, storage and mechanical rooms. Some care is taken in the maintenance of such doors.
Frame: 1.2 mm, Gauge: 18.
Shutter: 1.2 mm, Gauge: 18

Level 3 - Heavy Duty

Used for high frequency openings such as the main entrances to schools, offices, industrial buildings, stairwells, public restrooms, and manufacturing areas. Little care or no care is taken in the functioning of doors.
Frame: 1.6 mm, Gauge: 16
Shutter: 1.2 mm, Gauge: 18

Level 4 - Extra Heavy Duty

Extra Heavy Duty – Used for very high frequency openings and are subject to abuse. It also includes areas like main entrance to schools, offices, industrial building, public buildings, metros and locker rooms.
Frame: 2.0 mm, Gauge: 14
Shutter: 1.6 mm, Gauge 16.

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