Transform Your Dock Shelter & Accessories Solutions with Hormann.

Hörmann’s customized Dock Shelters and Dock Seals not only protect loaded goods from adverse weather conditions, but also save energy costs by minimizing heat loss. They prevent cold from entering heated buildings and heat into refrigerated warehouses, thus saving energy. When combined with a Dock Leveller, Dock Shelters and Seals ensure a level of efficiency, where complex canopies and ramp assemblies are not required.

Protect Your Goods and Save Energy with Hörmann's Customized Dock Shelters

Widely available in two variants of flap and seal, it offers users economies of cost and efficiency. For normal loading frequencies dock seal with link arm is an ideal solution. the side and top flaps consist of 2 layered, 3 mm thick substrate fabric made of polyester mono filament threads with double sided UPVC coating.

Long Flaps Ensure Good Sealing
Available With Link Arm Flaps & Inflatable Seat as an Option.



Docking solutions are incomplete and will not bring any efficiency in terms of time and cost if proper accessories are not provided. Safety equipment and external control for loading houses has become a norm in the industry. Hormann offers a wide range of accessories for efficient management of the entire process of loading and unloading.

Dock Buffer

Available in different sizes and shapes, made of polyurethane for longer service life. This prevents damage to walls and platforms

Dock Buffer

Wheel guides are used to support the driver in docking. At the same time, they guide the lorry straight into the loading bay or dock seal/shelter. This prevents damage to vehicles, ramps and dock shelters and ensures efficient sealing. Wheel guides are available in straight and curved versions.

Warning Light / Signal Systems

They signal, for example, when loading can take place or whether the driver can move away from the loading area. They also warn from safety risks.

Wheel Chock

A wheel chock prevents the lorry from leaving the safe docking position during the loading process, e.g. by braking of the forklift when driving in or out

Dock Light

Dock lights provide a safe and bright work environment and good illumination of the loading area. The energy-efficient LED dock light is recommended above all in addition to the halogen version DL 1300. With 30 W power input, it ensures uniform, good illumination.

Protection Bollards

Protection bollards are a useful investment indoors and outdoors. Outdoors they prevent expensive collision damage to driveway dock shelters or to buildings. Indoors they protect door tracks from collision damage during loading by forklifts.

Product Range

Loading Bay Technology
Product Range

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Loading Bay Technology

Hormann provides you with all the components for your loading bay from a single source:

Hörmann Dock levellers are well-designed solutions for precisely compensating………..

Hörmann’s customized Dock Shelters and Dock Seals not only protect loaded goods…………

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