Hormann Double Skin Rolling Shutter

Efficiency Meets Durability

Hörmann Double Skin Rolling Shutters – A Smart and Economical Choice for Daily Use


Elevate Security and Efficiency with Hörmann Double Skin Rolling Shutters

Hörmann Double Skin Rolling Shutters are ideal for daily use and are highly efficient as well as economical in the long run. Available in steel, these rolling shutters come with distinct advantages. These shutters are tailor made to meet the specifications and requirements of the customers.
Galvanized special steel makes these profiles especially resistant to damage caused by transport, fitting and operation. Either with or without colour coating. The facetted inner profile face matches the micro-profiled outer face.

Innovative tension spring assembly

Quick, gentle and safe door opening

High security without sensors on the door curtain

Useful details for a longer service life

Delite's Double Skin Rolling Shutter: The Ultimate Solution for Thermal Insulation

Experience superior thermal insulation with our double skin rolling shutters. Our innovative design minimizes thermal bridges and utilizes fine-pored PU rigid foam infill, ensuring optimal thermal performance compared to other rolling shutters.

Minimal thermal bridges and use of fine-pored PU rigid foam infill ensure good thermal insulation in all double skinned door profiles compared with other rolling shutters.

The door’s curtain and sealing technology reduce noise from both outside and inside.

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