Transforming Workspaces with Innovative Hardware Solutions

Hörmann excels in providing top-tier hardware for doors, whether fire-rated or standard. With extensive experience, we offer carefully selected, certified hardware packages, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with industry standards. Trust Hörmann for reliable and compliant door hardware solutions

Hörmann: Elevating Door Performance with Precision Hardware Solutions

Hardware plays an important role in the performance of doors either fire rated or non-fire rated. It has always been a challenge to identify the right hardware based on type of building, application and user interface. As Hormann, we have got the vast experience and has hands on experience in use of various types of hardware. We believe and offer some of the best and most suitable hardware meeting the performance criteria of various types of doors.

Some of the hardware listed are manufactured and tested for its compliance as per industry/product standard and its use on doors manufactured by Hormann under various certifications program. Hormann hardware is offered as a package to satisfy the functional requirement of various projects. Our hardware range is type tested along with our door for guaranteed performance.


Mortise Sach Lock

Mortise Dead Lock

Shaft Lock

Lever Handle

Door Closers

Euro Profile Cylinders

Single Point Panic Devices

Two Point Panic Device

External Trim

Euro Profile Cylinders

Euro Profile Cylinders

Door Stop

Eye Viewer

Singnage Plate

Utility Threshold

Flush Bolt

Auto Door Bottom

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