Experience the Efficiency of Hörmann High Speed Doors

Hörmann High Speed Doors optimize the flow of traffic, improve room conditions and save energy. The range includes both vertically and horizontally opening transparent doors with a flexible curtain. They are available in combination with sectional doors and rolling shutters, as well as with service-friendly spiral doors with smooth aluminum profiles. These doors also come with a powerful Frequency Converter Control (FU) as standard, which considerably extends the lifespan of the door’s working parts. Flexible high-speed doors speed up workflows and reduce energy costs. They feature safe door operation and a long service life thanks to standard equipment with an FU control, safety light grille and SoftEdge bottom profile. In fact, they offer even more benefits: flexible high-speed doors are low-maintenance, easy to fit, cost efficient and therefore economical for daily use.

Enhance Your Workspace

Experience the Benefits
of High-Speed Doors

Our high-speed doors offer a range of advantages, including increased productivity, improved safety, and reduced energy costs. With their fast opening and closing speeds, they minimize wait times and optimize workflow, making

Discover the Versatility of High-Speed Doors

From warehouses to manufacturing facilities, our high-speed doors are designed to meet diverse industry needs.

Increase Efficiency
and Safety

By reducing air infiltration and maintaining temperature control, our high-speed doors help save energy and create a safer work environment.

Customizable Solutions for Your Business

We offer a wide range of options and features to tailor high-speed doors to your specific requirements.

Expert Installation
and Support

Our team of professionals ensures seamless installation and provides ongoing assistance for your high-speed doors.

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