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Hörmann's Lead-Lined Doors for Precision, Protection, and Aesthetics"

Elevate safety standards with Hörmann’s lead-lined doors, designed for medical precision, radiation protection, and seamless aesthetics. Our doors offer reliability, fire resistance, and maintenance-free solutions for enhanced peace of mind.

Empowering Safety and Style with Radiation Shielding Doors

When it comes to highly stringent requirement of lead lining for medical or energy installation, for safety and protection of human life against radiation you can look at Hormann as an option. Our range of doors for medical institutions, labs or scan centers gives a complete solution for meeting the radiation control. These doors are fire rated and can go with any interiors in terms of finish and aesthetics. Our doors are designed to take the operation weight of the door with specialized hardware, making it the most reliable and maintenance free solution for the owners and users.



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